Real Forni MR1

Manufacturer: Real Forni
Model: MR1
Type: Electric Static Modular Oven
Price on request


– Electric static oven with modular elements, with one or more independent overlapped decks, very sturdy, functional and provided with a modern design, conceived for bread and/or pizza baking.
– It is available a wide series of baking deck dimensions, for every need.
– Control of the baking deck with an electronic card of validated reliability (it is the same electronic card we have used for years for the ElettroReal ovens series).
– Heating process with electric stainless stell ironclad resistances.
– Glass doors with useful different heights: 16, 22 and 28 cm.
– External structure builted in scotch-brite stainless steel.
– Hood with 2 speed aspirator (optional) or hood with power control of the composition and programmed starting with electronic card (optional).
– Steamer with solenoid valve managed directly by the baking deck (optional).
– Proofing chamber, trayholder box or lower support, for the final composition (optional).