Proizvođač:   Ciberpan
Model:   model 93
Tip:   Vakumska delilica

Cena na upit

Goran Savić


The divider model 93 from Ciberpan is an accurate and robust machine. Its function is to divide the bread dough in portions with the desired weight. It is a volumetric divider. The dough is absorbed by a piston, after it is compressed and expeled. This systems offers a good weighing accuracy.
When it is needed a high production, the dividers are made with multiple pistons, in such a way that for each cycle of work we can get 2, 3, 4 or 5 dough pieces at a time, so the production of the machine is multiplied. However, in these dividers the maximum diameter of the pistons is limited depending on the number of pistons.